Seminarium Ergonomii    

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Poznan - POLAND May 23th - 25th 2018

International Seminar of Ergonomics


International Seminar of Ergonomics
   Whenever we organize the International Ergonomics Seminars, we try to create an opportunity to exchange experiences between practitioners and theoreticians who deal with various areas of ergo-nomics. The upcoming 31st Seminar's main topic will be "Human factors in a contemporary organization". We hope it will allow us to broaden more the issues of ergonomics which were discussed in the last years.

   In the subsequent editions of the Seminar, we try to expand the publishing possibilities. This time, the selected peer-reviewed pa-pers will be published electronically (ePdf) by DesTech. They will submit them for indexation, among others to Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters Web of Science).
   We chose Poznan as the place for the Seminar. We hope that it will provide easy access to people from Poland and abroad and will be an attractive place to stay for people who know our city and those who will come here for the first time.

   We cordially invite you to Poznan

Organizing Committee